James E. Wagner Cultivation (JWC) Tour

Published Dec 12, 2019 11:20 a.m. ET

At Cannabis Wiki, we want to show the world what the cannabis community is all about. We want to tell you the real stories, behind the scenes as it is, bringing you the stories that matter. That’s why we were thrilled when this opportunity arose; to tour the James E. Wagner Cultivation (JWC) operations in Kitchener with none other than Dean Blundell.

JWC has been on my interview list for some time now, as they have been known for their high standards and having a very patient centric culture. Clearly, this is a happy culture that can be seen as we toured their facility. People were smiling all around; maybe it was something in the air? Turns out, JWC is also an innovator, as this operation is one of the largest aeroponically grown cannabis facilities in Canada.

Special thanks to Nathan Woodworth, Charlene Hancock and Matt Ladner from JWC for taking time out of their day and making this possible. Thanks to Dean Blundell, Graham Kritzer and Gerald Major for also making  it a fun and memorable day.

On behalf of Cannabis Wiki, thank you for having us and joining us on this endeavor.  We look forward to many more fun and innovative projects.


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