Highly Intimate Podcast - Episode 6 - Migena

Published Mar 30, 2020 12:18 p.m. ET

Welcome to the Highly Intimate Podcast hosted by Jacqui Childs, the best selling author and award-winning social media influencer.

Highly Intimate is a show about women and wellness. Each week our host Jacqui Childs sits down with old friends and new, to celebrate women, wellness and their individual inspiring journey's. Jacqui's guests may be from all walks of life, but their paths have all lead them to each other. They share  hopes, dreams and challenges. "#HighlyIntimate there's room for us all"

Today we are honored to have with us Migena Skenderaj. Migena is a Life-Coach/Make-up & Hair Artist and the Co-Owner of Vitality, Health & Wellness. Migena at a very young age discovered her passion for creating through fashion, beauty and art. As a little girl she would spend her time drawing beautiful pictures of dresses and by the age of 11 did her first updo and has never looked back. But Migena’s interests did not end there. She was fascinated by human behavior and always had a thrust to learn more.

When her family moved to Canada from Albania Migena realized that she was blessed with an opportunity to pursue both passions. Being so young and confused Migena didn’t know how these two totally different paths could be fulfilled but she followed her heart and gave it her all and knew it would all workout.  Now years later Migena’s path became crystal clear with the development of Vitality Health and Wellness clinic,where she will be able to fulfill her life dream of creating 360 degrees transformations of beauty inside and out as a top Beautician, Colour Expert, Make up Artist, and Life Coach.


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