Growing with U-Bud Cannabis Services Episode 3

Published Nov 4, 2019 02:44 p.m. ET

On our last episode we had planted four cannabis seeds, and today we're following up on the progress so far.

Here we have the seeds that were planted in peat moss pods; The plant growing upright along with the other growing sideways were both planted 7 days ago. These are two different results in growth which is completely normal. However, with constant watering, by keeping it moist (not soaked), the plant will flourish and grow towards the light. The other two displayed were planted a day apart, one planted a day ago and the other today.

Focusing on the seeds that were planted 7 days ago, once these start shooting their second layer of leaves, they can then be transferred to the tent.


We are very anxious to show you the end result so stay tuned.

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