Growing with U-Bud Cannabis Services

Published Oct 18, 2019 01:43 p.m. ET

Cannabis wiki is here with a new series called 'How To Grow', where our aim is to show consumers how to perform most tasks regarding growing cannabis.

In this episode we explore the basic home grow setup, with host, Danny Raposo, also known as 'The Stoner Chef Canada', and Andria Kurth, who is the Chief Operating Officer of U-Bud Cannabis Services.

Andria displays how to set up a grow tent from start to finish. They also discuss grow tents, lights, fans and filters for home grow setups as well as U-Bud Cannabis Services full service offerings. U-Bud Cannabis Services offers full service grows and equipment sales, making growing more accessible to all Canadians. Safe, legal and fun.


For more information, to book a grow or to buy from U-Bud's Curated Collection please visit them at

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