Grow Up Conference - Mark Spear - Wildfire Collective Interview

Published Sep 18, 2019 12:37 p.m. ET

Mark Spear is the founder and CEO of the Wildfire Collective, the President of the Ontario Cannabis Association, he is a passionate advocate of medical cannabis and a cannabis industry veteran.

Wildfire Collective is a community of sustainable farms that produces small-batch, craft cannabis. Grown organically, outdoors, our crops are produced under the sun without the use of pesticides or conventional fertilizers, resulting in a reduced environmental footprint. The hands-on approach we employ at our farms allows us to care for each plant individually, producing exceptional results and maximizing quality yields. The Collective is an ever-expanding network of seasoned farmers who are committed to consistently cultivating environmentally-friendly organic cannabis, exceeding the expectations of discerning consumers.


Visit their website at https://wildfirecollective.ca/ and discover the collective!

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