Grow Up Conference - Culinary Cannabis Association Interview

Published Sep 20, 2019 12:29 p.m. ET

David Brott is Co-Founder & Director of Culinary Cannabis Association. He started the Culinary Cannabis Association (CCA) to fight stigma, and to establish and refine standards and best practices for anyone interested in cooking with cannabis – helping chefs, diners, and medical patients explore culinary cannabis the way we currently explore fine wine. The CCA offers certification services seminars and interactive events that bring people, cannabis, and food together around relevant problems, ideas, and products.

The Culinary Cannabis Association (CCA) was formed by cannabis and culinary industry subject matter experts to establish and refine standards and best practices for anyone interested in cooking with cannabis.  In addition to this, the CCA is creating a community of qualified chefs armed with a deep understanding of cannabis to develop recipes and experiences that will further refine and begin to define the emerging culinary cannabis market.

Since March 2019, the CCA has been holding private cannabis dinners and education sessions with chefs and subject matter experts from across Canada, as well as from a growing number of US states. And most importantly, forming a community around the idea of teaching people who take food seriously, how to take cannabis seriously as an ingredient. This community and these events represent a unique and remarkable opportunity for several key groups, who are all trying to solve a diverse set of problems:


The edible cannabis industry is expected to be worth $4.1 billion in Canada and the United States by 2022.  Currently, only two-thirds (64%) of current consumers are even aware of edibles, and 51% say they’re interested in trying them.Right now, any Canadian of age can buy legal cannabis, and take it home to cook with privately.

Visit their website at for all their upcoming shows and event and for additional information.

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