Grow Up Conference - CannaCollective Inc. Interview

Published Sep 20, 2019 10:53 a.m. ET

Danyka Dunseith is the CEO and Founder of CannaCollective Inc., a hemp farm in South/Western Ontario, Canada. After uprooting her career, life and home in Toronto, ON, she converted her family farm into a working industrial hemp farm.

Dunseith who was eager to educate herself on soil, single-handedly seeded and cultivated 50 acres of industrial hemp in 2018, yielding over 93,000 kgs of biomass used for Ontario agriculture statistics and best practices. Since then, CannaCollective Inc. has traveled the world conducting research and development on the sustainability of hemp in local and developing countries, gaining further knowledge of the global impact industrial hemp is poised to make in coming years; showcasing how local farms can make a global impact.

Combining her background in Public Relations & Communications, Dunseith shifted her focus to the plethora of benefits the hemp plant had to offer; aligning with agriculture- Dunseith is focused on highlighting and communicating the benefits of hemp growth, cultivation and distribution.

Ellen Taylor Brown is the Director of Cultivation & Education for CannaCollective Inc. After coming on board in 2018, Brown has since overseen nearly 40 hectares of industrial hemp and continues to analyze soil, genetics and growth into the 2019 season.

Brown began her cannabis career in Northern California, where she acquired the position of management and lead cultivator at a local dispensary in a rapidly growing market.

After being exposed to and thriving in the booming cannabis market, Brown recognized a gap in the patient/medicinal market in her home state of Massachusetts.

Brown specializes in sustainable cultivation of hemp and cannabis; best practices, dispensary service and direction, and how to create a myriad product.  Ellen’s extensive knowledge and first-hand industry experience has made her a fiercely sought-after consultant. She has spoken at over 60 conferences and is recognized as a cannabis thought leader and activist. As a prominent advocate, Ellen has spoken all over the world including The Boston Freedom Rally, Seattle Hempfest and The High Times Jamaica Cannabis Cup and will be expanding to the Canadian industry and landscape.

Both of these phenomenal ladies are ‘idols’ in the cannabis industry and continue to thrive, with Ellen Brown leading by example and practice, empowering teachers and advocates, such as herself, to be their own platform and continue to educate, create and motivate and Danyka Dunseith remaining at the forefront of the company with continued research surrounding the benefits of hemp.

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