Grow Up Conference - BioFloral & Rapid Stack Interview

Published Sep 20, 2019 03:35 p.m. ET

BIOFLORAL®is the leading Canadian wholesaler for commercial growers and retailers—a one-stop source for indoor and outdoor gardening industry.

Over the past 20 years, BIOFLORAL® has built an excellent reputation around the world and thanks to our team, we have developed a complete expertise and offer a wide variety of products designed specifically for your crop type whether you grow indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse.

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Rapid Stack is the next generation in grow pot technology. Specifically designed for growers that constantly transplant multiple plants at a time. This product is guaranteed to speed the process and reduce shock by damage or light, ensuring no delays or diminished yields.


Used as a starter pot, when it is time to transplant, speed up the process by just pulling the seal at the bottom of your pot then simply stack it on another pot of the same size, greater or the ground outside. The roots will naturally continue down and outward to fill the new space with minimum to zero acclimation period.

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