Dancehall Tours - Rebel Salute Herbcurb Launch

Published Jan 13, 2023 02:21 p.m. ET

Rebel Salute 2016 introduced a new and exciting component to the show, The Herb Curb, which was a hit, nearly as much as the many hits that the long lineup of artistes performed on stage over the two nights at Grizzly’s Plantation Cove in Priory, St Ann. Since then, The Rebel Salute Herb Curb represents a commitment to the preservation of Rastafari and culture and its importance to the development of the global cannabis industry.

The Herb Curb’s enclosed area displays educational, spiritual, medicinal and recreational products and content which affords ‘Saluters’ the opportunity to learn about all things Cannabis in a controlled environment. The Herb Curb also features a conference component and a symposium component which embodies the full spectrum of the Jamaican cannabis industry and ecosystem through educational, sacramental, therapeutic, and medicinal products, discussions, information, and practical demonstrations.

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