Dancehall Tours - hosted by Pantason - Episode 41 - 10Tik

Published Oct 20, 2021 02:39 p.m. ET

Welcome to Dancehall Tours a series where we interview artists about how cannabis plays a part in their music.

Today our host Pantason interviews Dancehall artiste 10Tik. Dancehall newcomer 10Tik is showing no signs of losing steam following the release of his latest single for the ladies, Burning Issue. Venturing into new territory, the Gwallaz boss delivers a different type of ‘gyallis’ class, one that warns against risking a relationship over reckless behavior.

Since his teens, 10Tik aspired to be an entertainer. He worked with the Jamaica Fire Brigade for five years before throwing in the towel four years ago. “From I was 16 years old I have 'musician' in my passport as my occupation. So, from dem time deh, di music was what I wanted to pursue. His grimy and emotive delivery is so genuine in chronicling what he has seen and experienced that listeners from all walks of life identify with his narratives.

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