Dancehall Tours - hosted by Pantason - Episode 33 - Kyodi

Published Jun 6, 2021 10:39 a.m. ET

Welcome to Dancehall Tours a series where we interview artists about how cannabis plays a part in their music.

Today our host Pantason interviews Dancehall artiste Kyodi. Kyodi, considers himself as Dancehall's most intriguing artist who has been making waves on the dancehall scene. Kyodi has been honing his craft and has been using his life experiences to fuel his creative genius. He is one of several artistes who hail from or tap into the fountain of vibes that flows from the community of 'Big Yard' on Mannings Hill Road in St Andrew.

Kyodi 'When mi nice' is gaining serious traction on social media platforms, and is considered a hit single that has been making waves on the International scene. The onset of the coronavirus has forced entertainers to find novel means of promoting their product and Kyodi has not rested on his laurels in utilizing the vast medium of social media to promote the single which has been steaming forward among dancehall fans. Kyodi has been rising through the ranks of dancehall and aims to firmly cement his place as a constant hitmaker and not a one hit wonder.

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