Dancehall Tours - hosted by Pantason - Episode 24 - Outlier Dispensary

Published Sep 24, 2020 09:51 a.m. ET

Welcome to Dancehall Tours a series where we interview artists about how cannabis plays a part in their music. ⁣

Today our host Pantason will be visiting Outlier Dispensary. On the heels of receiving the 50th license from the Jamaican Cannabis Licensing Authority, Outlier Biopharma successfully launched the Grand Opening of their flagship store, Outlier at Whitter Village in Montego Bay.

Outlier’s medicinal cannabis dispensary will help patients treat a wide range of ailments such as anxiety, depression, disease, and address pain management. Located in the Whitter Village, across from Hotel Riu and Sandals Royal Caribbean, Outlier is conveniently positioned to accept local residents and non-residents alike to obtain medicinal cannabis. Montego Bay is Jamaica’s second-largest city and remains one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean. Found on the northwest shore of the island, Montego Bay serves as a major docking location for cruise ships, duty-free shopping hub, and is home to Jamaica’s largest airport.


“We are ecstatic about the opening of our first store in Montego Bay, allowing customers to relax, create, energize and medicate differently. Jamaica has always been a destination loved by cannabis enthusiasts, now they are able to access their favorite strains with the guaranteed quality that Outlier provides. Plus, since we’re located right on the Rosehall main road, we’re just minutes from all the major resorts in the area.”

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