The Coronavirus (COVID-19) - How to Stay Safe with Dr. Ira Price

Published Mar 17, 2020 11:39 a.m. ET

Dr. Ira Price breaks down the Covid-19 virus and what we should do to stay safe.

This week we should minimize our physical contact with the outside world (social distancing) and do so for 2 weeks. It's right now that we are walking around without symptoms. Right now we are spreading this thing. If we don't slow that process down, our Health Care system will melt and that's when we will wish we isolated. In two weeks we will know who's sick and who's not and can move forward.

If we just minimize as best we can, we have the ability to vastly change the trajectory by having room in our hospitals for those who need it most. Those people can live and we, on the front lines, won't have to decide who live or who dies!

Here are some things you can do to minimize the spread:

  1. As my pops says "stay local"
  2. Wash hands before and after touching anything
  3. Do not touch your face
  4. Distance self from people

At Cannabis Wiki we care about the community. We will be releasing updates as things change. We will also be releasing a lot of content for you to watch while your social distancing.


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