Cooking With Cannabis Cooking Company - Episode One

Published Sep 2, 2019 06:25 p.m. ET

Lester from Cannabis Wiki introduces Vanessa the COO of the Cannabis Cooking Company.

This company cooks with high standards. Vanessa is proud to show Lester and those watching, her skills at making quick healthy and delicious cannabis-infused meals.

Mexican tacos infused with cannabis are a crowd pleaser for all and takes very little time to prepare. This is what is on the menu.

Vanessa quickly assembled all needed delicious fresh ingredients for an authentic fast Mexican Taco dish.

Vanessa uses a rosin press as one of her methods to extracting the needed THC from the bud. This is a quick method and a method that helps to ensure consistent amounts of THC being infused in her recipes.

The equipment needed is minimal, a blender, rosin press, two skillets, and a hot cooking surface.

Vanessa used one gram of marijuana for her taco recipe. This is the amount of cannabis that was put in the rosin press. The live resin, when removed from the press, is then infused into the oil needed for the delicious sauce that will dress the tacos.


Each serving will contain about 5mg of THC.

Vanessa is quick to point out that it is better to keep the THC levels on the lower end. It is worth noting that you can enjoy the partaking of a complementing joint to enhance the experience if necessary. Parties or gatherings can be spoilt by consuming too much THC in your food. It is better to go low and enjoy your company than to over-indulge and not.

Vanessa and Lester assembled the tacos and enjoyed the delicious quick cannabis-infused meal.

Vanessa will be back next week to show other methods of extracting THC for her tasty recipes.

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