Cannabis Wiki's: Exquisite Holiday Cannabis Cooking Conference

Published Nov 3, 2020 11:37 a.m. ET

This holiday cannabis conference is designed for enthusiasts from every level of expertise in the kitchen. So if you're looking for an interactive learning experience that focuses solely on edibles, then this could be the perfect way to spend a weekend, and it's coming soon. Here, you will find everything from cooking demonstrations to expert panels and knowledgeable speakers, all in one accessible place at an incredibly affordable price.

When and where

Cannabis. Wiki wants all participants to stay safe during these uncertain times, which is why this cooking conference will be offered exclusively online. Events will take place over one weekend, from November 21st to the 22nd. The demonstrations, panels, and talks will run between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm for both dates.


Suppose you'd like to attend the Exquisite Holiday Culinary Cannabis Cooking Conference. In that case, the cost of your tickets will depend on how long you wish to participate, with prices running from $16-$29 for the full two-day event.

Presentations and demonstration topics

We've got many different exciting presentations and demonstrations planned for this weekend that there is bound to be something for everyone, but here you'll find a taste of what you have to look forward to.

·         Expert panel discussion on safe consumption

·         Extraction for cannabutter or cannabis oil demonstration

·         A fireside chat about pairing wine with cannabis strains

·         CBD cuisine cooking demonstration

·         Focusing on terpenes with strain-specific cuisine

·         Safe consumption of edible desserts

·         A fireside chat about hash and kief

·         Expert panel discussion on health and wellness

·         How to make cannabis-infused sauces demonstration

·         Expert panel on safe consumption of edibles

·         Precise dosing demonstration

·         Filipino cuisine cooking demonstration


·         Cummy and candy cooking demonstration


Cannabis Wiki's Exquisite Holiday Culinary Cannabis Cooking Conference offers a wealth of knowledge through a variety of industry-leading experts and chefs featuring exciting names like:

1. Andrew Freedman: The very first Cannabis Sommelier and an expert on gastronomy and pairing cannabis with various types of alcohol.

2. Cody Lindsay: Culinary cannabis educator and veteran with a dedication to helping his fellow veterans to live healthier.

3. Danny Raposo: Master Chef, cannabis business owner, and licensed medicinal grower with a passion for cooking with cannabis.

4. Don Gingrich: Executive Chef Instructor at the Cannabis Cooking Company, with over 30 years of experience in the kitchen.

5. Dr Mike Heart: Medical Director and Doctor at the Readytogo Medical Clinic, where he has held the position of a physician since 2016.

6. Dank Duchess: Hash Consultant, artist, writer, cannabis cultivator, public speaker, educator, and musician with a strong commitment to and involvement with the cannabis industry on a global scale.

7. Jessica Catalano: High Raw Food Vegan cannabis chef, cannabis edibles expert, recipe developer, writer, and a pioneer of strain-specific infused cuisine.

8. Jordan Wagman: Bestselling author, cannabis culinary expert, James Beard-nominated chef, philanthropist, and psoriasis advocate with a focus on full-body health.

9. Miguel Trinidad: Executive Chef and owner of Jeepney, 99thfl, and Maharlika, and an award-winning expert on all things cannabis edibles.

10. Pat Newton: The Founder and CEO of Munchy Brothers Inc, holds a degree in food and beverage management and brings ample experience to the kitchen.

11. Russell Auckbaraullee: International Chef and owner of Penthouse Catering and Russels Culinary Class Room, and Chef Ambassador of The Fried Chicken Fest, The ChocolateBall, and Halal Food Fest.

12. Stacy Primack: Culinary Director and Chef with over 15 years of experience in cooking and 5 years worth of perfecting cannabis edibles.

How to get tickets

Suppose these exciting and highly anticipated games, demonstrations, and panels sound like a conglomeration of knowledge and experiences with edibles that you'd enjoy or benefit from taking in. In that case, you'll need to head on over to Eventbrite for tickets.

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