Cannabis Wiki Cooking Show - Marcel Martel - Episode 2

Published Oct 17, 2019 02:48 p.m. ET

We are here with another episode of the Cooking Show, and today, for the second time, we have Marcel Martel who is a Red Seal Culinary Chef.

Today he will be preparing infused pizza grilled cheese. He started out by making the infused butter, which he explains is garlic butter made from real butter, which was a must have ingredient for this step. Marcel also chose to use a sativa strain oil to infuse in the garlic butter.

In making pizza, sauce and cheese are necessary, then the toppings are up to you.


This is a very easy, quick to make meal, very versatile and can be made in a healthy option if you're a weight watcher.

Check out the entire video for all of Marcel's tips and tricks in preparing this dish.

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