Cannabis Wiki Cooking Show - Marcel Martel - Episode 1

Published Oct 8, 2019 05:37 p.m. ET

Marcel Martel Cooking in the Cannabis Wiki kitchen

Joining Lester today is Red Seal Culinary chef, Marcel Martel. Today he will be showing us how to infuse a delicious, mouthwatering strawberry pancake breakfast.

Marcel will guide us through the steps in preparing an:

  • Infused fresh strawberry syrup
  • Infused pancakes
  • Infused butter

Marcel is adamant about the dosage of his infused products being accurate and consistent. He prefers to use a prepared oil, rather than flower for that reason. Managing the dosage from the flower can produce different levels of THC/CBD.

Today he will be using a Sativa oil product from the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS). A healthy lifestyle is part of Marcel's livelihood. He chooses to use local produce when available. For the strawberry syrup that will be prepared today, Marcel uses his fresh frozen handpicked berries. He picks his berries in season and freezes them for a delicious mouthwatering berry.


The pancakes that Marcel will be serving are homemade, but Marcel indicates that store-bought pre-made pancakes can also do the job. He shares with us how he pours the prepared, infused butter into the moulds and cools them in the fridge.  He now has the availability to use the infused butter pads later. The infused butter pads can also be substituted in any recipe calling for butter.

The cannabis leaf mould is a favourite of Marcel's. He likes to promote the plant, and a cannabis-infused butter leaf pad is indeed a great way to go. He walks Lester through the dosing of the edibles to ensure accuracy for his medicinal clients that need to receive the correct dosage of the medicine every time.

Marcel likes the presentation of his product to be as beautiful as the taste. He used silicone marijuana leaf moulds to present his infused butter, and these moulds can be purchased at most head shops.

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