Cannabis Wiki Conference & Expo - 2022 - Randy Rowe - GrowUp

Published Jun 20, 2022 05:51 p.m. ET

Grow Up Victoria starts now !!!!
First we’d like to thank our very busy friend Randy for stopping by the WikiExpo2022 to join us on The Green room podcast to share with us how excited the GrowUp team is to be in Victoria BC.

Randy Rowe is the President at Grow Up Cannabis Conference and Expo. With over 100 world-class speakers, their informative panels will bring you up-to-speed with what is happened in the cannabis cultivation and extraction industry, nationally and abroad. Their sessions are dedicated to the hottest topics, latest trends and the future of cannabis.


Learn from the professionals through their keynote and panel discussions and their in-depth workshop series created to get more in-depth to cannabis cultivation and extraction.

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