Cannabis Wiki Conference & Expo - 2022 - Elias Theodorou & Deepak Anand

Published Jul 16, 2022 06:49 p.m. ET

Elias Theodorou is the first professional athlete sanctioned to compete with a medical cannabis exemption in both Canada and the USA. Elias is a UFC veteran and advocate for change, he was the first to fight and win with a medical exemption, approved by the provincial and state government of British Columbia, Ca and Colorado, US 2021. Which is another foundation of medical cannabis rights. Elias is breaking the stigma and setting precedent for all athletes in sport.

Mr. Anand has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the global cannabis industry. He is a public speaker and is regularly engaged with Canadian and International media on all subjects related to the Cannabis industry. Within the global cannabis sector, Mr. Anand has worked with senior government officials, politicians, policy makers, health professional organizations, clinical practitioners, educators, investor, patients as well as producers.

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