CanEx Jamaica - Yardie Farma Interview

Published Oct 4, 2019 11:30 a.m. ET

Yardie Farm is a farm in Jamaica who will be branching off in the field of cannabis cultivation. They have partnered with Zimbali Farms, one of Jamaica’s most iconic restaurant experiences, which is a “farm to table” offering foodies a gastronomic feast of fresh foods from it’s fields surrounding the perimeter of the restaurant and the adjoining guest suites. Preparation, plating and serving are presented in an intimate bar counter surrounding the open kitchen. Rated number ONE restaurant on TripAdvisor.

This exceptional product and service will be mirrored in our new extension on the adjacent property to our Cannabis operation. Our mission is to grow opportunities in Jamaica, for Jamaicans, with premium cannabis cultivation, local state-of-the-art extraction facilities, with distribution locally and internationally, ultimately maximizing shareholder, company and partnership value.

Yardie Farma's applications for licenses have been submitted and have already passed the first phase of the approval process, from the Jamaican Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA). Over the next few months, preparation of the land will be made to cultivate several acres of fertile mountain soil, under the warm, year round Jamaican sun and nourished by clean fresh spring water flowing through the property. Both indoor and outdoor agricultural facilities will be deployed to ensure the highest quality growth and cultivation, leading to pure, premium, Jamaica Cannabis products for both local and international consumption.


Yardie Farma have done the research and are building a state of the art extraction and manufacturing facilities. So they will provide products like buds, pre-rolls, oils, vapes and more.

Visit their website at https://yardiefarma.com/ to view their entire portfolio.

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