CanEx Jamaica - Harmony Interview

Published Oct 5, 2019 05:01 p.m. ET

Harmony is apart of DAWA Life Inc. – a global leader in holistic medicine through vertically integrated subsidiaries in cultivation, processing, research & development and products for medical and recreational consumers.

Harmony have created a line of THC & CBD-only Jamaican Cannabis & Hemp Infused topicals to treat, nurture and restore the body. Featuring a 50-year old strain of cannabis, grown in the Westmoreland region of Jamaica, and known for its powerful healing properties, comes Harmony Pain Relief CBD:THC and CBD-only creams. "Our flagship Harmony 1:1 cream, is a therapeutic and rejuvenating broad-spectrum CBD:THC combination of carefully selected botanical ingredients and natural vitamins which provide powerful and natural pain relief and promote radiant skin health."

Harmony Pain Relief Cream and the CBD-only creams have a healing entity behind-the-scenes called White Wing Healing Arts whose mandate first and foremost, is to help people become more aware of themselves and elicit healing in an individual on a deep level be it emotional, physical, or mental.

'Our goal is to connect healing practitioners from around the world by creating a “Healing Hub” to allow healers and like-minded people to unite to empower themselves to reach their highest potential.'


Harmony is produced with superior organic ingredients and developed by a distinguished molecular biologist, Harmony Pain Relief Creams have been shown to treat and relieve chronic pain issues, muscle and joint inflammation, arthritis pain, and spasticity-related symptoms and pain in patients with MS.

For more information on their line of topicals, visit their website at http://harmonytreats.com/

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