ATG Pharma - Automation in Cannabis Oil Filling

Published May 2, 2019 12:45 p.m. ET

Founded in 2003 by Mike Lio, an individual with 20 years of engineering experience in the Pharmaceutical industry. ATG originally started as an equipment validation and supply company for the Pharmaceutical Industry. However, in 2008, Mike saw a gap in the market for versatile and scalable filling machines for companies who were not interested in purchasing million dollar fully-automated equipment. For this reason, he began developing his own small-scale equipment in his personal home’s garage. In 2015, Chris Sharanewych and Devon Lio joined forces with Mike to help grow the company out of Mike’s garage in Burlington, Ontario to the present size of ATG. The main focus was to develop and source the highest quality components from local North America venders, while providing a personalized customer experience.

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