Zen Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Omg love it. Make sure you got a good grower to show you it’s max potency. Made me feel less claustrophobic somehow. Like there was more space in the world. Nice feeling 👍🏼🌈
Very good

This is my all time favorite strain, it treats my chronic pain and migraines better than anything else. I also have depression, anxiety, and a personality disorder and its is truly a very calming and relaxing high that does sedate me.

Found this at organic alternatives in fort collins. Their version was 22% thc and less than 1% cbd. Did not give me the crohns disease relief at all.
Very good

One of my favorite sativa hybrids, 16% THC, 3% CBD. I am focused and alive when on this stuff. Flavor is mild and not harsh at all. Slowly becoming one of my favorite hybrids!
Very good

I shot a great game of golf because of Zen. also got longest drive! Zen... it's all in the name!

My go to strain has been Cannatonic, it just works better for my chemistry. Although Zen has been very good for anxiety and pain. The only issue I have is if vaping more than a couple hits, I get a headache. This is probably due to the sativa side which is why I stay away from sativa dom strains with higher THC. My accident that begame on this journey was blunt head trauma along with muscle and C6 damage to my neck. This is ...
Very good

This Sunday's wake & bake is with Zen Tec. I don't see anything for Zen Tec on Leafly, just "Zen", and somehow I don't think it's the same, but that Zen is probably one of the parents of Zen Tec. To be clear - I'm reviewing ZEN TEC here. Mine tested at 17.42% THC and .32% CBD. It smells and tastes like balsam and don't let the numbers fool you, this one is strong. I feel sensation, some pressure inside my head by the e...
Very good

great strain. dense nugs i have to say. comes off with a good cerebral high that last for a good few hours. body high is pretty well id say. more visual and body and less mental high. overall great strain. but causes red eyes and dry mouth
Very good

what a perfect high to bust a nut 👍great relaxed head and body high.

Soft, thick buds with light haze. Spicy and sweet aromas. Tastes okay at best, mild earthy notes. Harsh on the throat. Slow onset, not bad high at peak but heavy crash. Similar to G13. Rudi's final thought: IF you try it, pair with a strong sativa.