Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake Cannabis Strain

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Very good

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One of the best hybrids I’ve tried and I’ve tried more than I can count.. Definitely one of the best rare exotic top tier Flower (when available ) if you have a chance to try, trust you will be in love.
Very good

Really like this!!! Relaxed, content, just nice! Definitely return to this one.
Very good

I feel like I'm in outer space right now so I would say this is some pretty damn good weed
Very good

-Extremely relaxing -Chill -Happy -Openminded -Talkative -Overall, one of my favorite strains because of the way it makes you feel -Felt like everything was perfect
Very good

I’ve been smoking 40 years on and off so when I buy flowers I look for top shelf rather than the 10.00 for 4 gram deals. Wedding cake is extremely cerebral with the ride starting much like headband. My sample is so frosty, that under the scope the trichomes are globs of thc. Long lasting high that does not make you groggy at the end of the ride. Very strong strain. Top 10-15 ever for me. I’ll upload a pic
Very good

Super Potent and Relaxing. A very special strain. This one is my Stranded-on-a -Deserted-Island weed for sure!
Very good

Love this strain! Very balanced high. I like it during the day but I’m self employed and can do that lol. If your not then save it for the weekend or after work as though it’s balanced, it is relaxing. I also noticed this does not give me the munchies, if anything the opposite which to me is a plus for sure!
Very good

this Don't lie

Strait Gas.