Watermelon Cannabis Strain

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Very good

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Very good

Not your typical indica! Releases you from the burden of your consciousness with out couch lock — the occasional sense of grogginess came about a few times (like I just woke up from a nap). This is a good strain for when you need a break but you don’t want to feel tired or go to sleep. Watermelon flavour is pretty accurate but a bit of pungent flavours too. Not a good strain to be occupied with, you will get frustrated if yo...
Very good

Great flavor
Very good

Intoxicating watermelon smell and taste with hints of grape. Nice big and dense buds with heavy crystals and nice purple and light hues. Smokes beautiful and clean and is a perfect strain for daytime use as it’s uplifting and a happy smoke that allows you to continue on with your day stress feee and relaxed. Calms the mind and anxiety also
Very good

Real fruity and heavy as fuck this strain kicks ass and tastes amazing all the way down to the last toke on the roach stimulates appetite and helps with sleep
Very good

Watermelon is a wonderful strain. It smells intoxicating, and gives you such a relaxing high. Days were great as I'd tune in with nature smoking a blunt in the sun, while also providing some fun effects for the night time. Overall a great strain, but I wouldn't recommend buying a lot of it as the taste seemed to drop the more I'd smoke it. Might just be me though.
Very good

Tastes like watermelon.
Very good

Tasty. Calming. Like 4 hits and I’m already feeling effects
Very good

I love love love this strain. I get easy paranoia from most all indicas. But I smoked this last night with my husband, and we sat relaxed for a good 90 minutes watching blue planet laughing at the hilarious birds mating dances. I could still get up and move around without being too gone. This also relaxes me completely. I suffer terrible anxiety and stress, this strain puts it to sleep. I slowly get sleepy so I this is a gre...
Very good

watermelon has one of the best strains I have had. it taste so good.