Trainwreck Cannabis Strain

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Hits you hard then it’s a slow and nice ride down to being sober
Very good

Awesome high, great flavour but hard to find.

Trainwreck taste like raw broccoli. The high was better for me when i smoked the herb. And this concentrate was 93.6%
Very good

Another one of my TOP 3 FAVORITE STRAINS. This is not a strain for beginners. This bud makes all of your senses heighten like your hearing and sight. Might feel like a subtle acid trip & could lead to paranoia if prone to it. However, it makes everything more intense & brightens your surroundings. Keeps you alert. Great if you like to work out after smoking.

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Very good

Me and one of my friends had a few bowls of this, and went for a walk. The walk turned into an adventure filled with a four hour quest to get coffee. We reached the place and it was closed causing us to turn around and get back . This one of my favorite strains hands down. I will recommend this to anyone.
Very good

One rip and I felt awake and ready to get to work. Put a smile on my face, stress melted away after half a bowl. I wish I would have been more motivated to try this stuff years ago. Potential to be my new favorite strain. Great day time strain

Crash into heaven / With all feeling and no thought / Like in the 80s.
Very good

Super smooth but strong high, relaxed but still wanting to get things done and move around. Great relief for headaches or paranoia or anxiety. Wonderful aroma and taste similar to lemon bars. This is my favorite day choice; can’t beat the high or the taste.
Very good

I cant remember.. ill be back in half hour... haha