Tangie Cannabis Strain

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Very good

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Very good

Very mellow. Clear headed and relaxed. Smells very fruity and tastes great. Takes about 10 min to kick in. For me no anxiety or paranoia. Great for stress, depression, and pain. Relaxing, calm, and able to function. All and all great strain.

So this may sound odd but ever since I started smoking this and strawberry couch I have become more irritated with almost everyone and my patience has completely disappeared. I started smoking to help with my depression, fibromyalgia and just overall boredom after getting out of the military. Many strains have helped with my anxiety and the other conditions I listed earlier but, tangie is not one of them. I wouldn’t eve...
Very good

Behind A levy of citric aromas lies the sweet and creamy character of this classic strain. So blessed to have scored some for the holidays but ain't nothing spooky about this one. Positively uplifting with the memorable aftertaste of citrus and cream. This strain obliterated my anxiety and I found myself dancing some minutes after vaporizing some dry herb. Though the vape preserved the flavor, I had to roast a bone and to my...
Very good

Method: Pax, Flower: Qualcan. WOW! This seriously tasted like you've just eaten a fresh tangerine! Great Sativa with an amazing Terpene profile that included B-Myrcene and B-Caryophyllene, which keep you focused and alert without the anxiety. Feeling: Super sharp, confident and body is less tense. If you are looking for a strain to keep you calm, uplifted and focused, this is the one. Definitely one of my favorites....

Okay but why does the second hit taste like mf artificial cheese gtg bye
Very good

I give this strain a definite five star. I am a lover of sativa's so this is always a go-to strain whenever available. I love Tangie rather it's flower or concentrate. My favorite way to experience this amazing strain is with the Timeless cartridge. I just purchased one at Nirvana today. Monday's are their 20% pre-orders. So I was able to cop it for cheap. Check out my YouTube page for a full revie...
Very good

Used this is in concentrate form on my Wasp vape pen. Wow!! This packs a punch and is super citrusy and uplifting. Just a couple puffs has you straight up in the clouds. Great for day use with a super clear head high and an intense burst of natural energy

Fucking potent. This product is amazing. Crafted’s Tangie is amazing. Ah-ma-zing.
Very good

Wonderful daytime strain especially if you are feeling a bit down. Mood elevating for sure and things seem particularly hilarious. I would buy it again.