Sweet Lafayette

Sweet Lafayette Cannabis Strain

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Very good

It's very strong and you are going to trip a lot.
Very good

Very well balanced relaxing strain.
Very good

very well balanced, not too sleepy, just very relaxing, one of my favorites.
Very good

6 to 8 hits and I was feeling great for a good 3 hours. Started with a ringing in my ears, followed by a tingling, and ended up just a touch dizzy... in a good way! I then had an enlightening conversation with the voice in my head but damned if I can remember what it was all about.
Very good

I enjoy this as an evening strain, dreamy and relaxing, yet not so sedating that you can't still get some creative work done. It seems to work well for PTSD, and bipolar depression.

First legal purchase and pretty disappointing. The trim job is non-existent, never seen anything as leafy as the small nug I got in my package. Speaking of the packaging, it's ugly, these growers really need to step up their game.
Very good

Wow, this is to notch weed. What a lovely euphoric high. Super chill, probably one of my favorites !

tasty and mellow bud. great way to enjoy the evening.

Sweet Lafayette is a skunky citrus, but you will rest assured that the resulting relaxation overcomes the strong aroma. It first hits you with a wave of euphoria that fades into a more mellow, gentle high.

I've had issues before with smoking. And this strain has helped me overcome them. It's a nice calming mellow high that is not to overbearing.