Sweet Deep Grapefruit

Sweet Deep Grapefruit Cannabis Strain

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Very nice! A great strain for end-of-the-day relaxation and pain. Slight cerebral stimulation to start with, then a long, satisfying, relaxing body stone and calming of the mind. Works wonders for post operative pain (I'm currently recuperating for surgery) and arthritic pain (my wife uses this strain for this reason). It has an unusual, but not unpleasant aroma; reminiscent of grapefruit peel and tyre smoke with hints of sk...

My area may be an outlier, but I haven't gotten much quality out of this strain. The bud I've gotten has been mediocre at best, even off of plants I have grown myself. Mostly woody flavor, I'd pass on this one.
Very good

Loving this bud.. very strong and relaxing.
Very good

One of the best strains I've used to relieve my chronic pain. It helped me SLEEP for hours!

This is a 5 star winner all the way. As a grower it had 2 phenotypes, 2 were indica and the other sativa leaning. The flowers are covered in trichomes and it has a very strong odor (think skunky fruit) excellent and smooth when properly cured, the buzz is heavy in the head and the body follows after. Not the longest buzz in the world but so excellent in quality, just use some more.. Only downside, major cottonmouth.
Very good

SDG is a nice mellow strain. It will relax your mind for sure. Lasted about a good hour and a half and started fading out. Once it fades you will just want to go to bed. The cut I had tasted more like grapefruit. Make sure you have a lot of water or whatever you drink as you will have severe dry mouth.
Very good

nice to grow and excellent flavor

as i was reading all the reviews i didn't see one that explains how you actually feel when trying this one out, i tried this over the weekend and 1st impression and hope it works as a warning , try not to give a big hit the 1st time (i did and made me throw up) the high itself i personally didn't like it, i was in a deep conversation with myself, witch in some way people like that , i didn't enjoy that much personally , what...
Very good

Very relaxing but still uplifting high. Great Taste and pretty good for gettin Creative. For a Indica still very uplifting! It is nearly the perfect middle of Indica and Sativa for my opinion. Not even the best for Sleep but it works. Also not so bad for gettin rid of Benzodiazepines. But only for the Day what the Medical usage belongs.
Very good

Love this one! Good sleeper.