Sweet Black Angel

Sweet Black Angel Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Very smooth hits. Mellow onset. Nice flowery and earthy aroma that isn’t too rough on the throat.
Very good

Haha seriously?! ANOTHER child of Black Domina. It seems like anything with Black Domina as a parent is pretty potent; Black Ice, Black Mamba, and now Sweet Black Angel. Even though one parent is a pretty strong sativa, the effects are all indica. Upon the first dab I feel every muscle being to relax. After the 5th dab I feel so relaxed and loose, like jelly... The taste is earthy and sweet, the effects last at least 2.5 ho...
Very good

Good stuff. Made me feel kind of tingly and very happy.
Very good

First thing we said when we finally got hit was... "This is so nice". This strain is such a beautiful and calming type. My body felt great, almost totally erased unlike other indica that fee almost heavy in their body effect. Slept like a damn rock. Today I'm smoking early and feel pretty motivated as well as it hasn't affected my brain too much.
Very good

so far been a pleasure to grow the indoor plants of this strain stayed small so hopeful the outdoors will produce a larger yeild
Very good

i use to go to bed and wake up every two hours on the dot for the past year and i dont care for pills iv tried melatonin and zzquill down to lunesta etc etc . till one day i told my buddy i had jnsomnia and inwas loseing my mind falling asleep threw out the day and a hour later my buddy calls me up tells me try this and i went home rolled a joint smoked it and man i had the best nights sleep with in an hour in was deep in a ...
Very good

Love the sweet taste. Hit me pretty quick.
Very good

The concentrate from this strain hits you in the face straight away then gently moves down your body. Super relaxing and great pain relief properties.
Very good

Yes!! Sweet taste, and nice heady feel, good restful sleep as well, nice, well done Mother Nature:)!!!
Very good

It can definitely creep on you but only over about 15 mins I'd say. Best qualities of this strain are insomnia relief (Number 1!), and relaxation that can be a bit mind-numbing at times. I find myself zoning out inadvertently. Not necessarily a bad thing. I only smoke this after 8 p.m. or so myself, although the strain I got tested at 10% THC so overall it's a moderate high in intensity and strength. Has a unique smell an...