Sweet Baby Jane

Sweet Baby Jane Cannabis Strain

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Very good

I love this strain. I was praised that It was reccomend & I choose it. It's the best stain of flower so far I've purchased through my local dispensary. I would recommend it to any patients who suffer with sleeping disorders like insomnia. It was also welly described in this description. When I first took this medicine I definitely felt a "creeper" like effect and anxieties raised but very shortly after I was in immense reli...
Very good

love this one. first time try today omg awesome.
Very good

it was a great high, but it was a little short lived. The feelings that gave you was beyond explanation. This is one of the best highs i ever had. I smoked three blunts and four bowls of this and then I was at the skatepark skating and I just had the greatest time of my life. the only thing I would say is wrong with it is I wish the high would last longer.

Was incredibly harsh, had lots of stems, made me feel groggy, foggy, and EXTREMELY unmotivated. Unmotivated as in stirring pasta felt like an unimaginable chore. Also after smoking solely this strain for a few days the high started to bring on feelings of depression and and overwhelming anxiety and negative thoughts. The only upside to this strain is that for an indica it sure does what it’s supposed to.. knock you out. Woul...
Very good

Really good tasting, full body buzz.
Very good

Some of the best I have smoked

very mellow, isn't the right strain for me on an everyday basis. but as an occasional use it is nice conversational strain
Very good

This is great for relaxing! I sleep like a baby. It takes away muscle spasms. Also helps with Multiple Sclerosis pain. I vape it, all I need is a couple hits and I'm feeling the best I do all day.
Very good

Perfect Indica for me. Can take a few puffs in the morning and tame anxiety or before bed to get me to sleep. Happy, relaxed, a great strain for emotional release. Makes me chatty. Wonderful insight came to me on several occassions while burning through an 1/8. So, I got a quarter and it is still treating me so so fine.
Very good

A nice, eazzzy strain that melts away anxiety. Pretty heady and good for tv watching. I agree that it is a good "go-to" indica.