Supergirl Cannabis Strain

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It’s pretty okay
Very good

.25g/1 bowl Makes me sleepy & relaxed. Minor paranoia but the happy makes you not care. Smokes good. Dry mouth a bit. No suicidal thoughts-happy thoughts. Forward-leaning. Gives me hope for a better me. Makes me hungry.

This strain, after just a gram pre-roll, knocked me and 4 other friends on our butts! Super great strain to relax and de-stress to.
Very good

Picked this one up on my way home one night-immediately knew it was going to be added to my fav list after my first hit. Very smooth, nice high, something ill be purchasing more of very soon :)

I was not paroniod or anything but over-all it is a good strain
Very good

The Supergirl I got was advertised as a sativa/hybrid. It makes me giggly and relaxed, but not incredibly unfocused, which I'm thankful for. I can be active during the high and feel great, or I can let it lull me to sleep. It all depends on what I want to do.

First time getting my hands on some super girl sugar wax from Mary Jane & it's name is very suitable for it's pleasant Afghanica (formerly indica) effects. On ehale pine, citrus, spices & various earthy notes come into play as the plentiful terpenes triumph past your taste buds & into full effect. This strain COULD be suitable for day time medication in moderatation but higher dosage will leave you lazy & unproductive. Best ...
Very good

love it
Very good

just got some today an it's super good I love it I will be back real soon

didn`t think much of this strain.didn`t get any of the tastes and feelings of previous comments,again could be the grower (Orange State Cannabis).this is supposed to be a pretty kickass strain but it just wasnt there.nice,small hard nugs with an earthy slightly spicy taste and smell.really,this one didn`t do it f/ me.