Super Skunk

Super Skunk Cannabis Strain

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Hands down a very good high!!

I used to smoke a lot of indicas strain and like it because of the relaxation and stuff. But this one, It gets me way to high in a bad way... I can’t feel the relaxation and the body high that Indicas usually provide.
Very good

definitely my favorite💯💯💯 I need a plug I'm n ATL
Very good

Super Sleep and paranoid hunger.
Very good

This strain helped me eat. Another hit and I'll be in bed for the night. Great strain, May or may not help PTSD Flash backs.
Very good

This is a very strong strain. After taking this one you will be a another person, it's certain. It's like a tsunami in yourself. The very pungent taste gives you a very exciting feeling during two hours, when you are completely out of the world by the speaking the sight and the behaviour. Then you are totally smashed up and you can do nothing for three hours after. Very good for intense sexual activity too. It washes yoursel...
Very good

Super frosty and powerfully potent
Very good

Good Smooth Smoke. It will have you couch locked by the Stinging Rogers
Very good

I have serious chronic pain and Super Skunk is amazing for it. I have fibro, chronic migraines, and tons of other problems. This hits them all. Holding the flower, you can tell how dense it is too like it's good medicine for pain. I love it and wish I could smoke it 24/7

Good stuff