Super Lemon Haze

Super Lemon Haze Cannabis Strain

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didn't get me going , wanted to nap after a bowl!!
Very good

Smoked this, danced, fornicated, ate & created a new playlist filled with the doors and the black keys.
Very good

Another good haze with some lemon flavor. Solid in many aspects. Energy and uplifting with fair strength.
Very good

Gives you some get up and go.
Very good

Amazing strain overall. I felt really dizzy in a good way and my muscles felt so relaxed. My body felt really heavy and i watched 2 movies straight after a bowl of this stuff. Munchies are crazy on this strain. Tastes and smells great too.
Very good

Welcome to Lemon Flavor Town! The smell and taste is an amazing combination of Sweet Lemon and Citrus with a hint of Pine/Wood. This is mainly due to the beneficial terpene combination found in this strain: Limonene and Terpinolene; reported to work synergistically to improve your metabolism and have strong oxidant properties. I find this strain elevates my mood and eliminates fatigue. After the initial tingly euphoric boos...
Very good

This strain has a nice pungent flavor and it is has a nice feel. Of course I ground it up in sake for loving fluffy weed. It in itself is dense nugs.

A little racy and gave me a headache
Very good

Very good

Great taste, lovely energetic high