Super Kush

Super Kush Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Had a quick wake and bake this morning using this strain, since the description said it doesn't couch lock you, and it definitely doesn't lie. I was clear headed, focused, yet relaxed and anxiety free. A great strain for the day.

Before Smoking: Has a rather strong odor, just as the info says, it has a wild woody smell, but with a strong tar/diesel like smell. Very Dense, crystally buds, has some gorgeous purple hues amongst its trichomes. And now... After Smoke: A smooth toke that carries you up from your brief, blue mind set, and brings you aloft to a comforted sensation. Has a strong tar-ish taste for sure, burns real well! Very clean greyish, wh...

It's a wonderful strain. Couch lock is pretty strong but clear headed. Unique taste of clove and earth.
Very good

Smooth Kush. I love all varieties of Kush, and this one is so good with the King Gizzards! Haha! Relax, Happy, feel good, and can get to dance on the couch !

Definitely did relax me great taste too
Very good

super Kush had my girl hella horny been married 10 years and this strain put bounce back in her step 3 times in one night and on a work night none the less! sharp steady high not foggy in the lest nice mellow come down and great sleep
Very good

Straight up indica that buzzes your entire body right down to your tingly toes. A good one to chill out on the couch with some munchies and Netflix. Turpentine mixed with a grassy, earthy flavor.
Very good

Picked it up off a medical local dispenser online. Love the effects; I'm not stuck to the couch, but still feel a lot of body relaxation. I can focus cognitively, my mind doesn't race, and I feel an increased desire to be active. The taste isn't as fresh as I'd like, but it isn't harsh and has a mild earthy tone. Works great for a good price, would recommend for wanting to relax.
Very good

This strain is a sick Indica that leaves you relaxed but still able to get stuff done. Recommended flower is 55 days from Royal Queen seeds but left mine for 63 to let the trichomes mature a bit more. Pretty low maintenance plants and got around 3 and a half oz of each plant.
Very good

A really smooth ride. Starts with a euphoric kick and then just sails. I feel super relaxed on this strain and it's a nice one for listening to music and just chilling. Multi functioning- Doesn't get me couched locked but can also put me to sleep.