Sunshine Daydream

Sunshine Daydream Cannabis Strain

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Very good

If happy & relaxed is your game then this is your strain! This Hybrid (60/40 Indica) from Korova Cultivator's packed a 34% THC level! Smelled & tasted of butter with Kush, & sweet berry. Buds were medium green & covered in white cloudy trichomes, had light orange pistils with golden amber peach hairs. On the come down, wonderful sleep awaits.....

This strain is really interesting to me. It doesn’t feel like an indica because you feel so up and then you slowly calm down. Time is slow but not in a head rush kinda way. Just peaches. I laid in bed and listened to some music and the euphoria is so good in this strain. And pain relief is perfect. I do really admire this strain.
Very good

I’m never one to post a review, but this strain definitely deserves some recognition. In cartridge form, Sunshine Daydream not only relaxes my body and eases a lot of pain in my back, but it also is one of the happiest feeling highs I’ve ever experienced. It’s amazing, and if you ever have the opportunity to try it just do it, or else I’ll be mad at you.

For a strain that was listed as having a total TC% of 30+% it didn't live up to what I was expecting for paying $55 an 8th it had no Terpenes on the inhale or exhale but a stale type of smoke.taste to it
Very good

awesome smell and great looking buds awesome price

Meh. Took too many hits to feel a high. Left me with a dry mouth and was a bit too sour for me.

It's like getting into bed with fresh sheet out of the dryer on a cold winter night.
Very good

A wonderful strain that imparts a very relaxing and "happy" high. Had to share around the first 1/8th I bought with others who appreciate fine smoke.
Very good

This stuff is amazing. Hits you right behind the eyes before you even start to exhale. Has an incredibly sweet aroma. Great for relaxation, stress relief, or just a nighttime smoke. Good cerebral component for an Indica as well. The TAC is consistently high for this strain as well, reaching 30% or over a on several batches.

Sunshine Daydream has quickly become my go to for chronic shoulder pain and back spams. Talk about a slow burner and heavy hitter, sunshine daydream delivers a solid 8 hour(insomnia) nap.