Strawberry Fields

Strawberry Fields Cannabis Strain

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Very good

The batch I got stated it was a sativa. Smells sweet like candy and same with the smoke. I noticed more sativa effects with this one.
Very good

For people in pain and are having trouble sleeping this was good for me. I didn't need much either. Hope this helps. I don't smoke or vape so I sprinkle it on my buttered toast just a couple pinches worth will do.

I absolutely love the first part of the high of this strain. Relaxed, happy and laughing! It tastes like strawberry pop rocks. But after I fall asleep, I have really weird and panicky dreams that make me shoot awake in fear. Not sure why. It comes down to the strain. I’m sure it doesn’t do that for everyone but that’s a negative on my side. So use with caution! Very wonderful strain other than that.

One word: amazing. Strawberry Fields gives a body high like no other, a feeling of Heaven on Earth. The first dub I ever purchased was a nice bag of sweet smelling Strawberry Fields. I was relatively new to smoking at the time (still using the classic homemade apple bowl) so my tolerance was pretty low. After sucking down two small bowls with my friend, the feeling was outstanding. All pain was instantly relieved and wa...
Very good

A real flower gem. An Indica that works for daytime pain & anxiety. Tried to keep it a semi micro dose afternoon - great results. Mellow mood stuff, not to mention the truly Berry aroma & taste. Yummy weed, will buy again.

Had the concentrate from Moxie. Didn't enjoy the experience or the flavor. !st Moxie product I didn't like, but I think it is the strain and not the product. The budder was a good consistency and has a great aroma. I just found the high to be really understated and not enjoyable.
Very good

Trying out the Strawberry 🍓 Fields MoxiePA distillate Cart 💨 Goin in I’m anxious physically and mentally let’s hope this helps . . 2 puffs and coughing begins. I feel my body get hit with warmth firsts as my head feels heavier almost like the air is heavier and pushing me down. I feel happier as well mentally not stressing and more in the moment. I feel my body tingling as well which is nice for any pain. I also feel like ...
Very good

Lovely strain love it's strength and flavor I get mine at Sensi Care medical dispensary in Billings Montana where it is grown organicly.
Very good

Ok let me start out by saying I’m really a indica or indica dom hybrids kinda guy, so if you love sativa this one ant for you, that being said I Love this flower!, really does smell like strawberry fields and even after smoking weed all day everyday, every way you can smoke or eat or whatever I’ve done. This one still gets me stoned and that indica feeling I love, going to go pick up a little extra for later, peace ✌️ J$

I tried this because I liked it's high percentage, but it makes not chest burn, fairly bad, when I take a bong toke. I am gonna try it one more time, but as of right now I am glad I only bought the gram!!