Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough Cannabis Strain

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Very good

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Very good

This strain helps me get through my days and focus on what I need to do. I pair with CBD topicals to help me focus on work and not my pain.
Very good

The absolute love that I have for this strain is limitless. Half-baked? Nah I’m crispy baked to the core. The Sativa lord grabs you and gently embraces you. Amen
Very good

Relaxing yet energetic. I become slightly more talkative as well as creative. Great for chatting, drawing, dancing and just living life.

Very good

absolute all time favorite. perfect 50/50 body and mind.

What can i say about SC that its name dose say for it, with a sweat berry aroma, and a nice skunky berry flavor its quickly become one of my favorite starins.

I’ve tried a lot of strains and I’ve narrowed down to only 3 that i now and always will lean towards finding, Mango Glue, OG Kush, and SC(Strawberry Cough). In MY opinion and from MY experience, Hands down no question SC is the best Sativa strain you’ll find! It’s better than sour diesel, green crack, jack whatever, and the poison one. 100% uplifted 100% energetic 100% happy. Ik this sounds too good or u may think I’m just h...
Very good

Very good

I love this strain. It smells & tastes oddly enough like strawberries! Great daytime med. Good for relaxing & staying focused.