Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough Cannabis Strain


What is Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough can be a real treat, with an aroma similar to that of a field of delicious strawberries. That smell can be deceiving though, as this sativa strain is very potent and even makes experienced smokes cough, hence its name. Strawberry Cough is a strong sativa strain with unknown parent strains. It is a smelly skunk weed plant, that makes users feel stimulated and restored. Many people report feeling happy-go-lucky, overall positive and much less socially anxious.

Strawberry Cough Effect And Attributes

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Happy (100%)
Uplifted (90%)
Euphoric (83%)
Energetic (70%)
Relaxed (66%)
Strawberry (100%)
Sweet (67%)
Berry (48%)
Earthy (19%)
Flowery (15%)
Dry Mouth (100%)
Dry Eyes (50%)
Dizzy (24%)
Paranoid (24%)
Headache (17%)

Strawberry Cough Flavors

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