Strawberry Cheesecake

Strawberry Cheesecake Cannabis Strain

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Very good

this strain made me laugh and giggle about how i got a cut on my eyebrow, i couldn't get bast the first sentence, reminded me of the times my friends used to get stoned and go to church, church is lit and freaky when cheeched my buds, has a nice strawberry flavor aftertaste too. i love it, cant wait for pot to become legal in Canada so i can find the seeds and grow it
Very good

Dope strain - wasn’t what i expected at first then let the high set in for a bit .. became instantly relaxed and hungry. Nice in the early evening before dinner time

5/5 nice flavour, nice taste, no bad side effects, quite delightful, smelly.
Very good

I grow this strain every run, along with about 5 other strains that all finish about the same time. This strain usually produces hard crunchy nuggets that are as crystally as can be. Usually finish fast in the last week or so of flower rarely going over the 8 week mark.(56 days) the flavor is unlike any other strawberry strain i have had over the years. Very smooth strawberry-ish flavor with hints of its parent strains comin...
Very good

It's not in my top 15 per say, but it's close. this one and strawberry cough are good.
Very good

Sweet smelling and tasting strain. Strong indica high.

very relaxing. mind clearing

Strawberry Cheesecake [I] (White Widdow[H]×Cheese[H]×Chronic[H]) method- flower by Heavyweight Seeds effects- for- smell- so cheesy, with clear and obvious strawberry. but soo cheesey. taste- creamy, all the way through. very cheesy at first, just like its overwhelming smell, with strawberry undertones and fruity exhale; so damn true to its name, really! the cheesy, strawberry taste stays in your mouth long after smoking. l...
Very good

First impressions: It's definitely a soft sweet mild candy smell. I didn't get cheese, but its potent. You can see it on the plant, but when you really get into the heart, the pistils are actually a nice purple/redish hue, adding a nice visual quality you don't see everyday. The bud itself is packed tightly and had this almost incredible hulk green look to it; kinda surreal The smoke: It's smooth. Coughing induces a slight...
Very good

DOPE!!! and tranquil and yummy