Strawberry Banana

Strawberry Banana Cannabis Strain

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Very good

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Very good

o my cannabiscommunity strain of the day strawberry bananna This indicadominant hybrid lineage is from banana kush and bubblegum kush . s/o to @westcoastreserve and I was assured of the proper handling of these topshelf flowers. The cure is perfect. The aromatics are that of bananna and sweet fruit. The taste is kushy, kushy kushy...with a berry back that is noticeably pleasing on the exhale. The head is happy and mellow,...
Very good

Excellent strain! Picked up a quarter ounce from my local dispensary. The smell is exactly as described in most of the reviews on here. Very sweet and fruity! I've really enjoyed the high. Quite mellow and definitely feels like an indica. 5/5 for sure. Would recommend any day.
Very good

This is the best strain I have found so far for cognitive functioning. Helps your brain function properly, improving memory, problem solving, and such skills that may be hindered due to anxiety and depression symptoms. Improves quality and effects of meditation and also physical activities. This strain leans towards depression relief the most and is a optimal for daytime use, however, night time use for severe depression may...
Very good

Great for insomnia!
Very good

Love it, I recommend this but it did make me sleepy

Great strain I’m an indica lover but once in a while a good sativa high in there is necessary I had this one in concentrate form (shatter) 76% the taste everyone speaks of came shining through even at a high temp with the quartz nail and was amazing to me it tastes like the banana shaped runt candy the effects are definitely leaning more towards indica with a solid head trip
Very good

I picked up a gram of strawberry banana live resin from concentrate Supply Company a month ago and was very pleased. The flavor was top-notch and the effects are what really stood out to me. It was a perfect hybrid concentrate with a very balanced I that chode indica and sativa characteristics.
Very good

its a very mellow high smokes nice,
Very good

Just what I'm looking for in terms of pain management during the evening hours. This strain provides a nice kush sleep as well. I'd wake up feeling completely refreshed that I don't feel the need to medicate in the morning before taking on the day. The vape oil tastes like exactly the Yoplait yogurt.