Stephen Hawking Kush

Stephen Hawking Kush Cannabis Strain

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Very good

So calming and mellow. The kind of high you can feel from your head to your toes.
Very good

Doesn't trigger my pain. I felt woken up, present but still high. emotionally feel happy and calm.
Very good

In celebration of Mr. Hawking's life, I will review this high cbd strain. My 1/4 was raised and harvested by Pruf Cultivar, a PDX grower associated with Electric Lettuce. The CBD : THC ratio is roughly 10% : 7% on this predominantly indica hybrid. This is the perfect flower to keep on hand when you've had a bit too much cannabis, and you're starting to feel anxious and paranoid. I had happened to have one too many bowls ...
Very good

This is one of my favorite strains to happily calm my mind and be ready for sleep. also good for "I can't even" days when I feel like I just can't go out to the world. I medicate for anxiety and ptsd, Stephen Hawking has been a 3 year favorite of mine for helping
Very good

'Like sipping sweet tea on a cool summers day' -- The specific product I'm reviewing is grown by Rogue Raven Farms. This is my first time smoking this strain. As always, I am smoking this product via my preferred method of consumption—a bong. The smell is not distinctive or pungent. The closest comparison I can make is to green tea, with a hint of lemon. It smokes surprisingly smooth. I've found that smoking a large am...
Very good

1 to 1 cbd on the stronger side like other kush genetics

Perfect for pain and tastes great!!
Very good

very good strain for medical leaf. I got more seeds than bud, more leaf as well, but it was able to relieve major posturing, muscle ridgity, weakness, etc. with ms episodes. also helps with appetite.

BEST CBD strain I've tried so far. Many CBD strains have the downside of being a little edgy (for me) so it nice to find one that had a lovely mellowness to it, maybe because it's crossed with an indica? Whatever the case may be - it eased my joint pain and put me in a good humor. The buds are lovely and frosty looking. THC is low - around 4% but I still caught a nice buzz. Very soothing.

bri likes bc it doesn't make her sweepy