StarBud Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Ty and jadon was such a big help love this place
Very good

Effects were relaxed and happy and for an insomniac like me it gave me my first 6 1/2 hour continuous sleep in over a month. Definitely like the taste, it leaves a nice menthol flavor long after you smoke it. Makes me content, great bud.

I opened this up and The smell hit ya nicely. Light it up and good lord, you are out there. You feel an amazing, very smooth, gradual high. Once your done smoking you aren’t at your highest yet. That happens later. And you just feel euphoric, your dizzy and happy all at once. I love it, great for wake and bake because you can still be functional after you smoke.
Very good

I Absolutely love this location. Not only do the have great customer care but they also have fresh Budz Everytime I visit. My first visit Eric helped me look for a new strain to buy .. I was very impressed on how much information he provided about there selections I'd definitely shop again at this location.. you should give em a try
Very good

The effects were mostly very nice and it was a tasty smoke. Good calming, detail oriented effect for low energy chores. The killer was phase 1... super dry eyes, phase 2... a good hour after I smoked it I was hit with crazy dry mouth.

This strain is very narcotic like, A deep relaxing body stone that left me attached to the couch. Starbud's bud structure is very dense with a darker green appearance. Tasted earthy and sweet! As a budtender I highly recommend this for pain and insomnia.

I've been smoking this strain in Js for the last three days and I would say believe the hype... this is a knockout blow and I'm a daily smoker w a hi tolerance. It's smooth and peaceful but make no mistake ... this is a "I wanna go lights out" strain. Not for beginners and may not be for anyone who wants to stay remotely active but man is this top shelf stuff and certainly something any indica fan should try.
Very good

Oh, the second time was even better than the first. This is a smashingly heavy body high. Peaceful and relaxed.
Very good

Rocked to sleep by this gentle giant. After a rough afternoon of anxiety, paranoia, and pain this sweet indica eases it all away to reveal your true happy self. At peace.
Very good

Very good, taste is great.