Star Killer

Star Killer Cannabis Strain

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Incredible strain, strong scent and flavor. Heavy buzz with great benefits to my gastrointestinal issues. One of my favorites!
Very good

An amazing strain by Epoch Farms. Nearly a pure indica Dom strain she will make sure you enjoy her powerful kick with a great evening of fun and relaxing with yourself or friends. Sure to be a great strain with dreamy visions of your highest order. An OG strain that will be around for a long time.
Very good

Hello my Fellow leafly tokers and medical patients! Embrace the force with this amazing all around medical strain. I have been a cardholder for at least two years and this is by far one of my favorite strains always a nice kick to it, Great for pain and really great for people suffering from ptsd, or inflammation abd also some G.I. relief to, finally a strain that stops the thoughts and made me clear enough to write this po...
Very good

I went to a dispensary in Vegas and asked the guy to give me the best indica he had. It's nice.
Very good

Really nice relaxing buzz... I suffer from Dystonia. A movement disorder that is very painful... And the Indica's help w/body pain... So far I like it and will consider it again. I'm looking for less spasticity inflammation and overall body pain. I also like Columbian Gold....

So smooth and great taste, easily in my top ten maybe top five. Must try!

it is great! I have Crohn's disease, anxiety disorder, and nerve damage. this takes the pain away instantly. I'm still functional after I vape, very important! lol is definitely one of my faves!
Very good

I have Epilepsy, Chrons Disease, and night terrors all due to an anxiety disorder. This strain made my pain melt away after half a bowl. When I got done with the whole bowl, my stomach was calm and the intense cramping stopped. The scary seizure aura left my head and my heart is beating slowly and calmly. I smoked about 15 mins ago. I woke up feeling as though I was about to seize out and make a mess in my bed. Thank God I h...
Very good

Perfect late evening/night time strain. The body effects are strong enough yet balanced for a good nights sleep.
Very good

This shit hits like a train. Very relaxing but kind of woke me up a bit from the strong euphoria. Good for dull pains but I do feel just s little bit anxious. It goes away after the peak. Nice cerebral buzz for a sec and then full body relaxation. Helped with my side pain and back pain. 26% preroll smoked in a bowl.