Star Berry Indica

Star Berry Indica Cannabis Strain

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great taste the effects were rite on point had a lot of belly pain took the pain away
Very good

I smoked half a joint and it was awesome. I had a pretty good conversation with a sister and played video games. I am about to smoke some more and bake cookies. This stuff is so good, I handle a call from the lawyer with easy, adulted and chilled. A good energy. Mild smoke and has a candy berry flavor not the actually fruit flavor.
Very good

Super tasty bud! Pungent, guey nugs provided me with super mood after dry vaping via my "Snoop dogg" dry herb vape pen. I did however have to work the rather sticky buds down considerably so it would vape better. Boom! knocked my shoulder pain down. Helped me be happy and relaxed.
Very good

Starberry ia great hybrid for pain naseua you can aslo some jt thru out the with no couch lock and amazing terpanes.
Very good

Method of consumption: Kandypen Galaxy. Type: Terps Star Berry Shatter. Pros: Relaxing and pain relief. Cons: Dry mouth and minor dry eyes. Overall/Other: Smooth draw and exhale. Berry taste, just a faint hint of lemon/citrus every so often. Body is relaxed and pain melted away. No real head effects, other than relaxation & calm feelings. No real munchies. Minor couch lock. Little tiredness, but more due to relaxation ...
Very good

These buds were grate and very yummy
Very good

Really nice for pain relief or headaches....but doesn't put you flat out. Love the berry sweetness with a lemon aftertaste...very clean flavor. Top shelf prices but worth it, I think. Fast acting and effective.

Very very relaxing and uplifting,it immediately erased anxiety and crushed insomnia.starberry i highly recommend to anyone wanting a good video game buzz.if that means anything.
Very good

excellent for calming nerves but not to the point of putting you down for a all day nap. Lovely aroma, great taste, a pleasure to inhale
Very good

Amazing smell. Good taste with mellow vibe that does best on your day off and Netflix. Grab a drink because you will have a dry mouth.