Space Candy

Space Candy Cannabis Strain

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Very good

great combo of heady psychedelic with the calm body weight. Sweet and earthy, smells calming to keep you tethered on your high.

gave me a great high while listening to some 60's music. gave me some time to relax and unwind.
Very good

ErrrMerrrGerrrd! I loved this strain, definitely my favorite strain, taste wise. So sweet and delicious I just can’t get enough of it!

honestly great strain to socialize. im high on it ATM. I can best describe the high as uplifting and slightly social.
Very good

burns nice and slow for me, gently put me through a calmed mind setting and really helps those like me who have heavy depression. This does make me space out and have a good time but make sure you drink a lot of water with this one.
Very good

Unique strain that smells and tastes like a candy green apple and looks almost like coral with a range of colors. Very resiny and covered in crystals, would be hard to manage without a grinder but still a surprisingly smooth smoke. Nothing too strong in any direction but puts me a relaxed good mood. Definitely worth checking out but bag appeal alone will have people doing that without any recommendation. 4.5/5
Very good

This is by far my favorite strain! The mind and body high that comes with this is out of this world! I just love that I can just let my mind go wild with this. I feel like I could write a book, clean the house and and the most interesting conversations with someone all at the same time. My explanation is not doing it justice. It’s a must try!
Very good

Purchased this in a preroll. Smooth smoke. No cough. I’m writing this after pulling a double. Let me take a couple of pulls. Smells really good like old school reefer. I have no idea what the color of this bud is, as I said before I purchased a preroll. Why do some guys assume if you smoke you are dtf?
Very good

Good strain. The one I have is really high in CBD, about 10%. Good for pain and sleep.
Very good

Such a tasty strain. Smooth smoke that's like buttery candy.