Sour Tsunami

Sour Tsunami Cannabis Strain

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Very good

My go-to. Allows me to focus and keeps me alert without jitters or anxiety.

Well, I have to be sincere : if the strain inside the package got is this, in my case was one of the worst ever bought. I don't smoke a lot so I can't tell better if a strain is good or not. I truly believe that if you smoke everyday, body goes in addiction. I live in Vancouver and I bought this in Robson at City cannabis.
Very good

This is a great CBD-dominant strain, perfect for calming without getting high in the process. It made me calm and relaxed without a high, with some minor tingles in the face and hands - quite pleasant, overall! I will say that this strain didn't give me the pain-relieving aspects as it did for others; I had a headache, smoked, and felt little to no difference. I would recommend this strain to someone who needed relief fr...

Perfectly balanced..
Very good

I typically think of Sour Tsu as my cup of coffee. She is typically the first strain I find myself medicating with. With the typical CBD potency from this strain, I get enough pain relief to make it out of bed to take on the day. Plus that Diesel, nothin can stop me!!

Vaping MUV concentrate I was looking for a nice high CBD to try and came across this strain. I read the reviews and it was exactly what I expected. The body high is awesome with a huge sense of relaxation, I can feel my body melting into the earth. I use this strain mostly at night. It helps tremendously with my insomnia, pain, and irritability. Highly recommend!

Available @ MUV. Must purchase while there and important to have on hand if I do not have straight CBD Oil or Elara. 3:1 CBD:THC. Effects not long lived, but I'm not sure I would expect them too given the purpose of the strain. Not a favorite, but a respected, trusted ally. Closest Comparison for alternative Florida Dispensary product: Elara @ Knox.

Cool and collected. Because of the high CBd content it’s extremely mellow and light without any real heavy or even too noticeable high. Fortunately, that’s the point. It does help with pain, and mild anxiety but in my opinion it’s just not particularly potent enough for those of us that enjoy a little more noticeable of a head feel than this to combat extreme stresses. A very functional choice for those that need somethi...
Very good

One of my top strains for anxiety. Love it?
Very good

entourage effect serious with this strain