Sour Spyder

Sour Spyder Cannabis Strain

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What is Sour Spyder

Sour Spyder is built for resilience in the garden and speed of production. The strain blends Spyder and  Sour60.  Sour Spyder is a colourful, short indica-dominant strain with smaller tight buds. Cotton candy and sour fuel seems to be the aroma from this strain which has moderate sedating effects. Medically this strain can help with relieving nausea and stress issues with a good aid to pain management. Sour Spyder is a 60 day flowering strain.

Sour Spyder Effect And Attributes

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Tingly (100%)
Happy (100%)
Relaxed (100%)
Aroused (100%)
Euphoric (100%)
Coffee (100%)
Citrus (100%)
Ammonia (50%)
Earthy (50%)
Apple (50%)
Dry Mouth (100%)

Sour Spyder Flavors

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