Sour Ape

Sour Ape Cannabis Strain

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Very good

really strong indica, tastes great
Very good

Starting off stressed and in bad back pain. Now after a nice dab... instant body relaxation and mind. Still the stresses are here but fading away quick. What a great strain. Boom smooth dab and medicating. Properly medicated mind and body just enough to not hold you back from activities .
Very good

Some straight fire definitely a relaxer when you at home relaxing watching tv 1 of them type moods
Very good

does not make me energetic at all though

Definitely a upper. Makes you feel happy and giggly. Like a lot

this strain tastes so awesome and get you super high would buy again for sure
Very good

Sour diesel is one of my favorite flavors, but with this addition of grape taste you really get a nice hit and heavy high. I give this a five star on taste and quality