SnowLAnd Cannabis Strain

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Very good

76 Farms does it again with SnowLand is a 50/50 hybrid. She has hints of citrus and lemony traits. Relaxed friendly feelings of creative happiness, as well as increased appetite. I was able to eat a meal. Good for joint pain, muscle soreness, stress and depression. Able to make a meal and do light house work with decreased pain was nice. The steadier tolerance I have, the longer pain relief I feel. Maybe great to pair with f...

Makes me feel really relaxed and happy
Very good

This could be a new favorite. As it relates to mood I think the best way to describe the effects as “at peace” -not overly euphoric or giggly. It reduces anxiety without reducing productiveness.
Very good

Nice, not too sedating yet relaxing
Very good

Picked up an eight of NWCS legends brand. listed as 30% thc. A little harsh, even vaping, it made me cough more than usual. Very nice happy high, relaxing too, nice tingling sensations in my toes. LA confidential is one of very favorites, and shows up in this strain, just like LA CON, Snowland is a great strain for musical enjoyment.I'm a very long time fan of reggae, and this is one of those strain that really brings anoth...

This flower hit me more like an indica rather than a hybrid and kinda kicked my butt into the chair. I would prefer to smoke this closer to evening when I have nothing left to achieve in my day.

for me personally, I love the smell and I loved the taste. I was unable to enjoy it though. it gives me intense anxiety attacks and doesn't help me to relax. I really wanted to love it, it's a beautiful bud.
Very good

Let me just say that this strain might be my favorite as of this moment. Everything on it from the flower to the terpenes; it all fits my liking perfectly. As such, I highly recommend that this strain be tried by anyone after a potent yet balanced high. It hits a little heavy for me, which incidentally I'm into right now. Extreme creative bursts are felt constantly throughout. It's a bit hard to feel 'active' at the moment, ...
Very good

When it comes to playing guitar SnowLAnd is my absolute hands-down favorite. I have a great time, every time. It's easy to find my groove and everything that comes out sounds super-satisfying (to me, anyways!) Seriously, this is so much fun to jam with.
Very good

Got bud grown by Oscar Meyer wieners and it’s such a gas strain. Great head high